Master battery with power management

Master battery with power management

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24 V, 512 Wh LiFePo battery; power supply to other bricks: 24 VDC output ports; communication: EtherCAT with input and output port.

  • Material

    Housing: Anodized aluminium cube with T-slots 8 
    Cover: Plastic (black)
    Cable duct: Plastic (coloured)

  • Size and clearance

    Footprint: 232 mm x 232 mm
    Height: 240 mm

  • Weight

    Type: LiFePO4
    Output voltage: 24 V
    Capacity: 512 Wh    

  • Power management unit

    Protect and control charging process
    Monitor battery parameters of the master as well as the slave battery (voltage, current, power, temperature, battery level) via EtherCAT Control power output for other bricks
    Additional components and functions:
    Two extra power ports controllable by CPU brick
    Signal generator for enabling and disabling wheels (may be used by customers for emergency stop)

  • Interface

    Power supply: 1x power port for other bricks, 2x extra power ports Communication: EtherCAT with input and output port
    Special signal line: two twisted pair in Ethernet cable for enabling and disable wheel 
    Mechanical: T-slot 8 compatible with standard aluminum profile fasteners and T-slot nuts

  • Software

    Configuration: EtherCAT slave
    Protocol: CANopen over EtherCAT
    Firmware: Monitor and control above functions

  • Cabling

    Power supply: 24 V battery cable
    Communication: Ethernet, power supply cable
    Cable management: Plastic cable duct (see above)